Coca Cola

This is a collaborative project to create an integrated campaign for Coca-Cola during the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

To capture the spirit of Rio we have created a global initiative under the name "Journey to Rhythm". By taking people on an unforgettable journey, using the platform of Rhythm. Coca-Cola can unite diverse nations of Rio and bring all nations together in harmonious diversity.

Logo Design: 
The logo is the representation of all nations that come together under the name of Coca-Cola and Olympics in Rio.
Unique street design and diverse culture of Rio played a major role, inspiring me to create this logo which - along four others- was selected by Coca-Cola's global branding director.



The mobile application allows users to continue following the Journey to rhythm via a virtual treasure hunt.

The app will use a virtual map of Rio to search for bottles of Coke hidden within the city, When a bottle is found, players will be asked to share the bottle via bluetooth with as many fans as possible. Along with shared bottle, users will also share a mp3 download of the Coca-Cola, Rio, Olympic Games theme song.

The game will start everyday at 12pm and end at 12am the next day. The user who succeeds in sharing the bottle and music with the most fans will be rewarded with a ticket to one of Coca-Cola’s special events.

Users can also track the Olympic Games’ events using the iPhone application as an added benefit.