On the 110-year anniversary, Harley Davidson introduced Project Rushmore; their new generation of motorcycles, with many enhanced features, targeting a new and younger audience.
The enhanced features of Harley’s “freedom machines”, provides more choices to the rider. As if freedom could get any "freer"!

Big Idea: More Choices. More Freedom.

We asked: How would someone’s circumstances change if they got a H-D Project Rushmore bike?
Then we thought about stories – fairy tales to be specific. What if fairy tale characters, previously bound to certain fates, got H-D Project Rushmore bikes? How would they be able to alter their assigned fates if they had all the options these bikes provide?

Through out the campaign, Harley Davidson’s key has been used as a connecting visual elements between different pieces of the story.


TV Spot:
The spot will feature a character whose life seemed to have been limited to very few choices – Goldilocks.
Her curiosity prompts her to leave her storybook fate behind when she spots an H-D key. The spot ends on a cliffhanger, asking the audience to go to the microsite to help Goldilocks choose where she wants to go.


Our Microsite is the portal that connects the Goldilocks’ experience & our audience’s. It will be optimized for web and mobile. People may choose one of the two directions in which Goldilocks can go, the Woods or the City with the option to preview the choices to come on each path. From there, the audience will be able to vote on which way they definitively think Goldilocks should go. They will be able to share their choices on Twitter or Facebook. Once votes are aggregated, the path with the most votes will be unlocked. And, the outcome will be released in another TV Spot.


Print Ads:
Our print ads and the copy will revolve around Goldilocks’ story. The copy won’t be the conventional tale we all know, but the altered version that includes her new Project Rushmore bike.