This project was heavily relied on concept. The challenge had two steps. First to write a 7days diary as a SCAD’s new student and turn it into a conceptual artist’s book. Second challenge was to use the artist’s book and turn it into a campaign.

I look at life as a MAZE with many paths. But not every path is the right one to step into. And sometimes we may have to stop, turn around and find a different path.
The first week at SCAD is normally very challenging as students feel LOST and need help to choose the right path to succeed. 

I built a wooden maze with paths that read the word LOST. The diary is written on the walls and blocks are representing the challenges we had to meet.

To turn the conceptual design into a campaign, I created a poster for Student Success Department at SCAD, where students can get help finding the right solution to their academic and financial challenges.

The iPhone app is a fun and simple way for students to find their way around the department. User can hold the phone flat and roll the ball to connect to different departments within the app.